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November 2016 at TAG

October 14, 2016


Two solo exhibitions will open at TAG/The Artists Gallery in November: Jan McIntyre-Creager’s new series of paintings and prints and Marie Riccio’s show of contemporary still life oil paintings.

“Time And Again” is an exhibit of work by Jan McIntyre-Creager (formerly Jan McIntyre Lamb) portraying the buildings and objects of the past as they appear in the present.
The work was inspired by her continued interest in structures. Clustered buildings on a farm, backyard views from an alley and abandoned homesteads where buildings are losing ground have often been the subjects of her paintings. Over the years she revisits these subjects in paintings and prints, exploring the subtle variations of color, tone and meaning that surround the idea of past, present and future.
McIntyre-Creager’s interest in structures was inspired by growing up in farm country. Her family did not farm, but living among farmers let her explore the surrounding landscape of neighbors and friends. What she saw planted the seed for her future interest in farm buildings.
“Through my art I hope to share the beauty I see in the buildings and their surroundings,” she says. “My focus is more on showing the emotional atmosphere than simply the buildings.”
McIntyre-Creager grew up in Frederick County, Md., where she continues to live and work. After receiving her BFA from The Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, DC she studied in Cortona, Italy for a semester.

In “Revealed Truths,” Marie Riccio seeks to reveal the world through painting life’s everyday objects.
Painting the still life is a process for Riccio. Through intense observation and trial and error, she begins to understand her subject. Patient and careful adjustments of color, texture and line lead her to a place where a truth begins to be revealed. “The painting breathes as elements connect and form relationships,” she says. “Through that process, the painting begins to come to life.”
Color and composition play key roles in Riccio’s work. The common objects that catch her eye do so through shape and color and the possibilities for their interactions. These elements provide the stability she craves and the underlying structure necessary for the work to branch out and explore the more unsettling, unpredictable side of life.
“I need to find something to hold onto in my work,” Riccio says. “Objects fill that need for me. The core structure of the composition and subject matter keep me grounded as I try to bring to the canvas an understanding of what I’m looking at.”
“I find excitement in understanding edges, subtle value changes and bursts of color. Through this process I try to breathe life into the stillness of the object.”
Riccio grew up in New York and lived in Philadelphia where she earned an MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania before moving to Rockville, Md. An award winning artist, she has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Colorado, and throughout the Washington, DC area. To see more of her work visit www.mariericcio.com, email ricciodesign@comcast.net, or call 240-688-7701.

In addition to the solo exhibitions, TAG will also have a new show of work by the other members of the gallery. These shows all run from November 4 through 27, with a reception from 5 to 9pm during First Saturday on Nov. 5. An encore reception with an Artists’ Talk will be held on Sunday, Nov. 20, starting at 3pm.

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Jan McIntyre-Creager

by Jan McIntyre-Creager


Jan McIntyre-Creager

New Crop
by Jan McIntyre-Creager




Marie Riccio

The Finish Line
by Marie Riccio


Marie Riccio

Come Along
by Marie Riccio