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Spectrum Seven & Donna Godlove Exhibits

September 26, 2012

"Spirits Unleashed," an exhibit of original paintings by the artists of Spectrum Seven: Eliane Ambrose, Donna Bingaman, Marguerite Cyr, Becky Dietrich, Donna Mason, Elisabet Stacy-Hurley and Marjorie Tressler and an exhibit of pastels titled “Maryland Memories” by Donna Godlove will be on display at the Washington County Arts Council in October 2012. The exhibits run from 10/5/2012 through 10/30/2012. According to Elisabet Stacy-Hurley, “Our group began in the late 1990s as simply a gathering of local artists who painted in oil...since there were so few of us using oil around here at that time. Originally six of us began gathering around my dining table for our monthly lunchtime get together for camaraderie and then to give each other helpful critiques to improve our work. Soon another was added to our group that filled my little table to the limit...so we decided to limit our gathering to this seven. The original group consisted of Eliane Ambrose, Donna Bingaman, Marguerite Cyr, Louise Keuper, Elisabet Stacy-Hurley, and Marjorie Tressler. Becky Dietrich joined a little later. After Louise died, we voted on who would take her place. Donna Mason joined our group at that time.” Becky Dietrich was instrumental in the group showing its work together and their first show which was held at the Washington County Arts Council Gallery in 2000 on S. Potomac St. The group realized it needed a name for the group if the members were to show together, and Marguerite Cyr’s daughter helped select “Spectrum Seven.” The name “Spectrum Seven” seemed perfect. Each member had five basic senses, and some say each also had a sixth sense that involved the spirit. The Seventh sense meant the spirit made manifest in the artist's interpretation of the five basic senses. Ms. Godlove, who retired from banking two years ago, calls Cumberland, her home. In speaking about her work, Ms. Godlove, says, “I am striving to work the magic I feel with pastels. I’d like my clients to get at least a glimpse of what I see. Beauty is everywhere. I’ve started an excursion in each my landscapes and it’s up to the viewer to take the trip to where they may, and find what they may. I find peace. What will you find? Take a look at some of my works. I have started late in life, but fully intend to continue until the day that I can no longer hold the paint sticks. And---I intend to live a very long time. It makes you feel young and alive.” The Washington County Arts Council will host an opening reception Friday, October 5, 2012 from 5-7 pm at the gallery located at 14 W Washington Street just off the square in downtown Hagerstown. For information, contact gallery manager, Chris Brewer at 301-791-3132 or gallerymgr@washingtoncountyarts.com.