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December at TAG/The Artists Gallery

December 2, 2014

December 6, 5 - 9 pm

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During December, Julie Maynard will have a solo show at TAG/The Artists’ Gallery.  “Mytho/Logical” will feature two-and three-dimensional paper collages and wood carvings inspired by the lingering power of stories and legends from around the world.
“Once upon a time, myths were tales we told to explain the world around us,” Maynard says.  “These stories were often populated with animals who took a curious interest in human doings— as animals today must do, to survive in a mostly man made world.  We— hawks and humans— are watching each other, trying to figure out our places in the natural world.”
In these pieces, an owl is both a hunter and an observer of the hunt.  A cat is both inside the dream and outside it, watching the dreamer.
“While we see a field sewn with loaves of bread to make the soil fertile, what do the crows see?” Maynard asks.
Several of the pieces in “Mytho/Logical” were inspired by the Fates of Greek mythology.  “These three sisters were very powerful: one spun the thread of life, one measured out the span, and another snipped it off,” Maynard says.  “It’s such a strong myth that there are echoes of it today— everywhere from the three Weird Sisters of Shakespeare to the superstition that things always happen in threes.”
Look for three women, three ravens, three datura flowers— even three kinds of phytoplankton floating in a dark sea, each of them with its own story to tell.