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Strategic Plan

Washington County Arts Council, Inc. Strategic Plan

The Washington County Arts Council, Inc. will continue to build upon a strong tradition of providing leadership through community engagement, program advancement and partnership development. The Washington County Arts Council, Inc. will accomplish this through focusing its activities on the areas of:

  • Advocacy
  • Programming and Presentation
  • Arts-in-Education
  • Community Arts Development
  • In-house Programming
  • Community Outreach & Communications
  • Fundraising Activities
  1. Engage state officials in an ongoing conversation about the benefits of arts in communities, and enlist their support for state funding of arts agencies.
  2. Become an expert source for state and local officials regarding community arts activities and public art. Expand the WCAC’s role in the Washington County/Hagerstown area to promote greater arts, education, and entertainment activities.
  3. Promote the benefits and advantages of the Arts and Entertainment District through educational activities, facilitating greater cooperation and interaction with the major arts organizations, expansion of the activities which occur at the WCAC, increase interactions with the business community and community leaders, and providing assistance to artists and artistic organizations.
  4. Advocate for funding for the WCAC at the local level with County and City leadership as well as with local organizations that may be sources of funding for arts activities.
Programming and Presentation
  1. Continue to expand the “breath” of programming offered through the WCAC. This includes programming that occurs at the WCAC gallery as well as expanding the participation of the WCAC in appropriate community activities.
  2. Expand the role that the WCAC can play to promote arts education in the community through partnerships with the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, Hagerstown Community College, USMH, the Washington County School system, and the many arts organizations in the community.
  3. Continue to expand the roster of artists, musicians, and performers in the immediate geographic area. Utilize this information to formulate partnerships among artists in the community. Provide opportunities for artist information to appear on the WCAC website.
  1. Continue to provide funding for requests to support AIE programs in all of the schools in the county, both the public system and the private schools.
Community Arts Development / In-house Programming
  1. Over a period of time, continue to expand the current CAD grant program. Increase the number of organizations and the variety of organizations receiving grants, representing all genre of art in the community.
  2. Continue and enhance the WCAC CAD application and guidelines.
  3. Continue to be a resource, both technical and financial, for existing arts organizations and established artists, as well as recent and future arrivals to Washington County. In terms of the Exhibit Gallery, continue the process of identifying and scheduling exhibitions that provide exhibition opportunities to local visual artists and identifying themes that tie exhibits to the community.
  4. Develop a strong cadre of volunteers who can help assist in the operations of the Exhibit Gallery as well as assist the permanent staff with WCAC administrative activities.
  5. Continue to work at expanding the numbers of artists who exhibit at the WCAC Gallery and increase the sales of local artists’ work.
  6. Continue to promote the WCAC Gallery as a venue for meetings, events, and performances. Partner with the Washington County Free Library for use of the WCAC facilities for programs.
Community Outreach and Communication
  1. Continue to expand the capabilities of the WCAC website, Facebook page and E-Newsletter.
  2. Encourage the Executive Director to maintain and pursue meaningful community memberships such as Rotary, Convention and Visitors Bureau Board, HCC Curriculum Advisory Committee, the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, organizations devoted to the renaissance of downtown Hagerstown and other municipalities in the County.
  3. Encourage the Executive Director and the members of the Board of Directors to inform the community of the WCAC’s mission and services.
  4. Work to fill the remaining positions on the Board of Directors with individuals who can help to expand the WCAC’s role in the local community.
  5. Support the Executive Director and other staff in representing the WCAC at local, regional, and state levels, i.e., the Community Arts Alliance of Maryland, Maryland Citizens for the Arts.
Fundraising Activities
  1. Establish goals for attainment/retention of membership – both individual and business – and conduct efforts to reach those levels of support.
  2. Establish a number of fundraising events during the year to provide funding for WCAC activities and operations. Involve the Board of Directors in the fundraising activities of the WCAC.
  3. Continue the process of building a reserve account for the WCAC.
  4. Continue to seek grant funding to sustain the operation of the WCAC
  5. Continue to seek grants that can be used to support specific programs offered currently by the WCAC or to initiate new programs.
  6. Identify candidates who can serve as corporate sponsors for specific events or activities. Create a process and a list of events or projects that corporate sponsors can support compatible with their areas of interest.
  1. WCAC should continue to implement a creative vision and educational plan for its future service to the greater Washington County community including: exhibiting opportunities for artists; retail opportunities for artists; artistic programming; artist work-space; artist communication/networking; and education programming.
  2. Within the next two years, there will be a need to renegotiate a lease at WCAC’s current location.